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Effective May 2016


Although new meetings regularly start up, sadly, a number of once-thriving meetings close, or go into hibernation from time to time.

The usual reason for this is falling attendance. Members whose situation has improved sometimes feel they no longer need a meeting,  or that they can no longer find the time. 

Once we have achieved a degree of serenity through the Nar-Anon programme, we can then use the strength we have gained to help others (Step 12).  Remember when you first came through the doors of Nar-Anon? No doubt you were helped and supported by established members.

This is not entirely a matter of altruism.  Members who progress to Step 12 and work to help others invariably find that what they get out of the process is more than they put in. Our greatest happiness and fulfillment does not come from self-centredness, it comes best from other-centredness - from stepping outside yourself.

If you used to attend a meeting which has lapsed, please think about helping to revitalize it.  Why not contact other former members of your group or give Lynne a call at the Nar-Anon office on 02 80041214, or email her at: serenity@naranon.com.au.


Room 2 Uniting Church,
Cnr Gray & Kensington Streets
Contact: Paulette 0414 781 419

MERRYLANDS  Monday 7.00pm 
Community Health Centre,
14 Memorial Ave,
Phone 96324033
(Next to Post Office, opposite Police Station).

ST. LEONARDS First Sunday of the month 4.30pm
Block 8, D & A Clinic, RNS Hospital,
Herbert Street (runs parallel to railway line). 
Enter left hand side of building.
Phone MOB: 0412 217 509

MAROUBRA Every Monday Evening at 7:30     
Pacific Square Community Room
Anzac Pde, Maroubra Junction
Contact: Jan 04252 88654


PRAHRAN Tuesday 7:00 pm
Cnr Grattan & Greville Streets
Contact: Jan 0432327652 

ALBURY - WODONGA Monday 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Gateway Health Centre,
155 High St
Contact: Stacey (02) 607 131 47



TOWNSVILLE  Wednesday nights (weekly) 7pm
Ryan Catholic Community Centre, 
Morindo Drive, Kirwan. 
Contact: Brian, 0415 290 965.

GOLD COAST Wednesdays 7pm - 8:30pm
Room F1 or F2
Southport Community Centre
6 Lawson St, Southport.
Contact: Lisa 0400 788 974



Currently no meeting.


NAR-ANON WA Mondays 7:15 pm
12-Step Clubhouse, 
88 Bawdan St, (via Horn Place)
For more details phone:
Jen B. Mobile 0410 071 799, 08 9294 4290 (evenings only).

NAR-ANON WEMBLEY DOWNS Family Group Tuesdays at NOON
20 Brix Street, Wembley Downs
Phone Angela 0423 771 834 or Sue (08) 9245 2297

GERALDTON Tuesdays 2:00pm
Women's Health Resource Centre,
28 Sanford St,
Contact: Sherryl 0400 460 590


LAUNCESTON 2nd and 4th Tuesday of month 7:00pm - 8:00pm.
Maggie's Cafe,
Pilgrim Centre,
Paterson St,
Contact: Rod 0419 879 696.


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Start a new Nar-Anon meeting

If there is no Nar-Anon meeting in your area, please consider starting one - it is not as hard as you might think.  Two or more people can start a meeting.  Once your meeting is under way we will publish details of it on our Meetings List.  All you really need is a venue.  Church halls, community health centres, hospitals and places where other 12-step meetings are already held are good places to start looking.  Private homes are not suitable, mainly because of the issue of anonymity.  If you are considering a community health centre or hospital, talk to the Drug & Alcohol Counselor there - they will usually be only too pleased to have a meeting to which they can refer the families and loved ones of their clients, and will support you as much as they can.  The same applies to pastors of churches.

Of course it is best, if possible, to find a venue which is rent-free, and this is often possible. Raising funds for rent (if required) and other expenses is done in Nar-Anon meetings (as in other 12-Step meetings) by passing a basket around at the end of the meeting.  The expenses of Nar-Anon groups are typically very small.  Any excess funds collected are contributed to Area Office.  These funds are used to run the Office, including providing support for groups. 

The Nar-Anon Area Office can provide you with advice, support and everything you will need to get started, including a very comprehensive handbook.  Give us your contact details and tell us where you are, and we will match you up with any others who have expressed interest in the same area. Your details will be treated with the strictest confidence and will only be used to put interested parties in contact with each other.  See contact details at the foot of the page.



Nar-Anon relies entirely on donations and on-line store sales for its continued operation.  Although we do our best to keep our costs to a minimum, we do have unavoidable expenses such as office rent, telephone, internet, electricity etc, and maintaining this web site.  Please consider making a donation to Nar-Anon.

 Thank you!

NAR-ANON Family Groups (Australia) Inc.
SYDNEY (02) 8004 1214



Nar-Anon relies entirely on donations and on-line store sales for its continued operation.  Although we  keep our costs to a minimum, we do have unavoidable expenses.  Please consider making a donation to Nar-Anon.

 Thank you!