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Nar-Anon Family Groups (Australia) are self-help support groups for the loved ones of drug addicts.  Nar-Anon is one of the family of 12-Step fellowships, and uses a program similar to those of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Coda etc., but with special reference to drug addiction.

Addiction in a family member or someone close to us often involves verbal and physical abuse, violence against property, the depletion of financial, emotional and other resources of the household, as well as the intrusion of criminals, criminal activity, the police and the courts into our lives.

Nar-Anon can help us to regain control of our lives, and to gain order and serenity by using the crisis of our relationship with the addict as a point from which to move forward.

See the Meetings List page on our website for your closest Nar-Anon meeting, and our other pages for more information.

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Very comprehensive explanation of the 12 Steps
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